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Gig blog: More bass, Future Bass?

May Day eve show in Tampere, organized by Future Bass Tampere. Nice location in the middle of the city centre and in a good club environment. After arrival to Tampere and a bit frustration due to misled distant hotel location (by the booking system) we got pretty early to the venue and started setup the gear. YO-talo is a professional venue and popular also among the bigger national artists so offers pretty good technical facilities to do a good show. The table on the stage got full of gear, half was our and half was DJ equipment. The amount of our devices was a bit admired, but hey - it has been minimized as much as possible *laugh*. There was a time many years ago we ambitiously took two double stands on the stage including four synthesizers and also a standalone rack full of devices. The first show abroad was a slap on the face to get reasonable with the stage setup.

The musical selection varied through the night like the event name promised: 'electro & disco special'. First DJ Mefisto threw hard-pounding electro house the whole early evening. Heck with the mellow start *laugh*. Spin Royale took care of the disco part but with a modern sound mixes featuring everything from Earth, Wind and Fire to Todd Terje.

At 1 AM was our time to start the show. Opening track was Sidtroen and it got a pretty good cheers. The audience was a bit challenging to us because it was not that electro-orientated crowd we were used to, but luckily our music is not that pure electro but more like electro-influenced to convince also other genre listeners. The show was technically okay but gave us few priority tasks to be taken care of: the new versions of light jackets ready as soon as possible and to get some more power for the devices. In this show we had some issues with the lack of laptop's processing power. It hardly copes with those complex live structures... The show was still very good and always fluent in the audience's point of view. After 1 hour and 20 minutes of playing we ended with the traditional Sky City 1000. By the way, holy hell those subwoofers at the venue. Even the artists on the stage can feel the strong bass shivering in their legs.

After us the DJ Nocomply entertained the audience but unfortunately we missed most of his set because recovering in the back stage. Overally a great night with the people joined the event and Future Bass Tampere does an excellent job organizing these events. Thanks to the DJ's, Future Bass Tampere and their crew! We had a good time!

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Track Blog: Echoes from the past.

'Sense of ears' was the first track Blastromen produced in 2002. It was stored in the drawer to wait for new innovations and development and got finally a new shape in 2014 on 'Reality Opens' album keeping the same track name and respecting the old lyrics and melodies.

"Sounds and harmony, voices in air.
Waves and noises in our space.

Receiving sound waves through my ear sensors.
Converting received information to known format.
Analyzing data in my processor.
Forming idea of the surrounding world.

Vibrations in the air, voice sound noise, sense of ears."


Gig blog: High culture, electric atmosphere


Show in St. Petersburg, Russia. Oh man, oh man... Whenever there's a need for good food, intensive electro parties or huge variation of cultural events, Saint Petersburg is definitely one of the places to offer all that and a lot more.

We arrived on Saturday noon. First we rested few hours and then we got to taste the great food at the Griboedov club. It was possible to setup the gear and do the soundcheck early so there was plenty of time for that. Time is always the most important matter on setting up the stage and checking everything is running as it should to avoid problems during the show.

After everything was setup we were surprised by the organizers and their crew to get a chance to go to the opera at Mariinsky Theatre. They were playing Das Rheingold by Wagner. Very impressive. World class theatre!

Back at the club we found out an interesting thing in schedule wise: The club opens the doors around 11pm and is open till 7am. Party all night, huh? Vada and Prisheletz were the first DJ's starting the party. Man, they convinced us with their skills! Vada's set was starting the event greatly with a lot of funky but hard grooves. He got the floor filling up with people. Prisheletz turned the sound to more aggressive and man what a set! Damn those mixing skills! These are the guys who know what's it all about.

At 2am was the time to start the show. We started with Sidtroen and noticed it created an explosion. The crowd was immediately with us. This is the thing that gives an artist a good feeling to play out loud! Russian audience is so intensive and enthusiastic to rock the place with us! After few songs from the new album Reality Opens we played 3-4 older tracks. We brought especially Sexy Droid this time to the set with a special extra features! Sexy Droid was wanted last time so this time we fixed the set accordingly. We got feedback that it was awesome to hear so much older stuff as well, great! The first attempt to end the show was with Lost Dissents. The smooth outro was not enough for the audience and they were shouting out loud for Encore. Well, we continued with two older tracks and asked if they still wanted more. The answer was so noisy that it could start a riot! *laugh* For the very end and as a second Encore we played Sky City 1000. That was the epic ending for the great show and the crowd seemed to enjoy the whole set. Technically the show was good. No bigger problems but just few minor ones.

The rest of the night passed by in the fully crowded back stage people wanting to meet us. Thank you all for joining and getting in touch with us, the pleasure is ours! This unfortunately caused that we was not able to check the last DJ's set but all the way to the backstage it was sounding great!

Thanks Vada and Prisheletz for inviting us and especially to Pasha (Prisheletz) for hosting the whole day. Also big thanks to other crew as well: Dima and Irina for the transportation, Andrey and Rafail for joining the company and giving us the CDs, Alex (and Pasha) for the arrangements for getting us to Mariinsky Theatre and also 'guarding' the back stage. It was nice to meet you all and hope to see you again soon!

Спасибо Россия! Вы знаете, как праздновать!


Gig blog: Back in the game!


After finishing the Reality Opens album it was time to get the gear back on the stages. The opening show was held in our homebase Helsinki in the event called "Infektio" at the Club Darkside. Light suits were undocked and Viruses got plenty of new sounds. The whole saturday was very busy. The finnish national television journalist visited our studio in Saturday noon to film the Blastromen headquarters and interviewed us. That stuff is revealed in a television and in the internet stream in a few days, stay tuned for an announcement!

We practised the new Reality Opens live set one last time and then rushed to the venue. It was our soundcheck slot just when we arrived but due to technical difficulties we stole the most of the soundcheck time also from the other artist, Niko Skorpio. Sorry man! Everything was fine when we monitored internally but in a few seconds after plugging the PA's our soundcard crashed. It was a heart pumping hell of a problem solving with insufficient time because the doors were opening in 30 minutes. Finally we changed the soundcard to a different power line away from the PA's power and everything started working fine! Perhaps the soundcard was intolerable to the PA's power consumption... Thanks to DJ VoyVod for helping out! Just before the show we changed also the light control unit to the same power line to avoid risking the light show... *laugh*

After setting up the gear we had few things to do elsewhere and got back to the venue an hour before it was the time for our show. DJ Emanon was playing and hell yeah he was a beast! He captures the audience good with his stage act and the track selection consisting industrial electronic hard and fast stuff was awesome!


The club was quite small and fully crowded so the mood was intimate. Our show started and all the way from the beginning the feeling was right and in place! We started with four new tracks, giving also older stuff in the end. Technically the show was okay. There was only one but very obvious problem with one part of the lights on our suits but apparently the crowd didn't mind. As long as the audience is happy, we are happy. Crowd shouted us to give a couple of encores. Lost Dissents as a first encore was still not enough so we went finally with Sky City 1000 to finish the show. That made our show complete. 15 minutes overtime according to schedule.

The rest of the late night kept us unassembling our stage setup, joining the Emanon's last set and chatting with the crew. Thank you all who participated and special thanks to whole event crew for the help and arrangements from the backing screen to merchandise desk! Keep tuned in their calendar and join their events!


Gig blog: Beat 'n heat in Russia

After over 7 hour minibus transportation and slight frustration on crossing the border we finally arrived to St. Petersburg. A city where are people as much as in whole Finland! The bus took us directly to the address where we stayed at and we were welcomed by the owner of apartment. The first plan was to do the setting up and soundcheck first and get some nutrition after, but a local heavy metal band playing in Griboedov club turned our plans vice versa. Griboedov is a duplex club with an underground party zone and upper floor separated building cafeteria/restaurant with funkier mood, working perfectly as a chilling zone after the party. Both are open over the whole night and the food is delicous!

After the heavy metal performance we were allowed to get our stuff on the stage and do the setup and soundcheck as fast as possible, since it was nearly time to start the electro event. Luckily we have set up that current gadget combination for several times now, so everything was quite easily finished. Crowd was increasing and most of them was gathered to watch the setting up and we got the first loud cheers when just a soundcheck was going on *laughter*

The first DJ's made sure that the party started with a loud banging which was great and fast uplifting for the crowd's mood. Our show started at 02:30 and lasted for one hour. The track listing was very similar to our show in Helsinki in a couple of weeks ago. We started with Human Beyond and played mostly the album tracks plus few older one. Technically the playing was good, but till the middle of the show the mood had gotten so high that one of the transistors in our light controlling unit broke down and got one or two lights to light up all the time, so we ended with the pretty new unreleased track, Infiltrator Unit. We were really taken with a great cheer so it was excellent feeling to play to highly energetic audience! Crowd was shouting "Sexy droid" from time to time but unluckily we didn't have that track ready for this show. That mistake needs to be fixed immediately! Rest of the evening was banging in full throttle till the end and the upper floor cafeteria gave us a relaxation place before ending the night.

On the next day we got a little sightseeing around the city, but it really needs several days to explore more of it. There is so much to see from science expeditions to illuminated historical buildings! The day ended with a fine cognac drinking session before the departure. We almost had a slight rush to get over the border because Visas were expiring till the midnight.

Hosting was truly great and big thanks for everything to Vadim, Pasha and their crew who we met for the first time and also to people who gave their effort to make arrangements stay in the track! See you all next time!



Gig blog: Cabaret Haure, Helsinki/Finland (presented by HYTKY)

Blastromen thanks every participant in Cabaret Haure, it was a great night!

blastromen live at helsinki

Show at homebase with easy arrangements, but still the whole show was driven in full throttle. Interpreting the noise from the full crowded audience, the show obviously must have seen out good. It is truly great to perform to audience like that! The technical side worked great and implementation of our light show awoke some interest and was quite directly asked how they were made. Some information has already been published: earlier

We have found out, that some recorded video material can already be seen from: Youtube

See you again in near future! Next show in Saint Petersburg/Russia.


Gig blog: Madrid/Spain (Presented by B.A.S. Madrid)

blastromen live at madrid
Entering in October to warm Spain from cold Northern climate was very pleasant since it was not too hot or cold weather, just perfect! For the first time in Madrid we luckily got plenty of spare time to get a slight glimpse of the town, especially the center of it and of course the part of the town where Specka exists. Very nice town with tall buildings and even if you keep walking, you'll never get out of the lively environment.

The Specka! Small but so intimate club where the energy of the crowd can't get scattered, conversely the feeling is high all the time.

Sound check was scheduled good so everyone had plenty of time to setup the machines and test that everything works and sound is good. Although Blastromen used most of it with checking up machine synchronization, mixing and microphone/vocoder issues. In the soundcheck we noticed, that during our set it was necessary to shutdown one of the master speaker right behind us since it was giving loads of pressure to microphones. That causes unwanted massive continous noise through vocoder and destroys the lyrics. The speaker shutdown was done so there was only decent amount of distraction in vocoders. Manual live mixing of vocoder volume was still needed.

Our set started at 3:00 AM, right after Spectrums Data Forces' hard banging DJ set, outstanding electro DJing! We introduced for the first time live the album title track "Human Beyond" for the starters which seemed to be liked due to cheer it got. Also from the beginning of the whole live set we showed what we've been informing about: the new visual performance, which almost has an imagination as a limit. Unfortunately there were a lot of flickering on the other jacket's light wire at one point, but besides that visual side worked well. Other technical issue we suffered, was that the in-ear monitoring went out for some reason on the second track "Battlenet", so we had to continue the rest of the set without monitoring at all, just to hear the same master sound the audience was listening. It was not easy, but neither impossible so we managed through the set like that as well. Overally everything went well and also another new track was played in the set, "Infiltrator Unit". It was the last track and gave good banging for the last minutes before leaving the stage.

Audience feedback during the set and after was very nice! Blastromen are truly honoured of the cheer and people meeting us.

Commonly the music was good for the whole evening, thanks to all DJ's. Darxid's and Bas Madrid's live sets was honestly speaking very smashing! It was nice to see the fluency between hit tracks in Darxid's set. Bas Madrid's pure hardware use without any computer was very respectful and the tracks were very massive and got a unique sound! After our set DJ Stingray made sure, that the quality music was up till the last second of the event! Electro mixed with detroit influences techno, quality!

Thanks to all the people present! Gracias Spain and other represented countries (Malta, Russia, etc.)! Special thanks to Bas Madrid with his crew for very kind hosting and taking care everything is right in place!



Computer has taken more role on controlling the visuals, which enables setting more intelligent patterns for lights to follow the music. Besides hearing dark beats, you can also sense the smell of soldering iron in Blastromen studio. Approaching gig in Madrid will bring these latest inventions alive for the first time in Blastromen's history!



Blastromen live at Leipzig
Our debut gig abroad was performed on 4/APR/2010 in Leipzig/Germany, presented by Blackred. After arriving to Leipzig we must admit it's really a beautiful city with old but glorious buildings and nice architecture in many aspects. Event started at 11 pm in the Superkronik -club in Plagwitz. At the very early point the electro side in the club was almost fully crowded during the stomping electro DJ set by Magnetic and Disco 69. Crowd was very energetic and in an uplifting state when we gathered around our equipment.

New intro with opening track "Blasteroids" turned out to be a good start. Actually this was the first time ever "Blasteroids" was performed alive! The set was built to be starting with technologic sounding stuff and turning to be more aggressive and darker till the end. In these terms the last track was an exception, Sky City 1000. We could have had stopped after "Concealed ancient alien dynasty" which was the second last track, because it ended with epic and aggressive mood. That could have been a good decision, because during the last track the crowd latest noticed the difficulties we were suffering. We suffered from technical problems due to messed up second synthesizer and "Sky City 1000" had the worst maltreat. We almost stopped playing in the middle of the track, because it was quite messed up. As persistent galactic guerillas we still played through the whole song trying to hide the mistakes with other elements and effects, but it was a mission impossible. The crowd didn't seem to mind, but this really taught us to improve certain things to avoid them later on in variable gig conditions.

With the visual performing we made few compromises. Normally we have controlled the blue spot lights, strobe light and smoke machine (set low behind us) by ourselves, but in the souncheck we decided to control only the jacket lights, because of unfamiliar control unit for the other lights. In our aspect this caused a bit of lack on the visual performing, but positive thing was to have more time on controlling every other stuff. As a new stuff we introduced new lights on our jacket for the first time. Those new lights matched great with certain parts of the tracklist but could have been more impressive with better adjusted and controlled smoke and strobe behind us and planned usage of the blue spot lights.

After the show and the cheer we got we had a strict timeline to catch the plane, and we feel sorry for packing the stuff off the stage in the middle of the event. After all and despite the technical difficulties the show from our view was one of the best performing situations and we had good feeling to play to energetic crowd that was few times yelling so loud that it also went through the vocoder!

Rest of the evening music supply was great! Rarely you get to hear such a continous electro hit list. Big up to DJ's! Big thanks to the audience and all the people present! Another really big thanks to Blackred & co. and honest respect for their work! These guys with their crew truly know how to host guests with warm welcome and taking care that everything is fine!