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Blastromen is a Finnish electronic music duo, founded in 2003 by Mika Rosenberg and Sami Koskivaara. Their music is a mix of old school electro, synthesizer music, modern techno and synthwave that salutes the past and greets the future. Blastromen's musical themes drift between futuristic landscapes and sci-fi, where complex and accurate modern production methods, catchy melodies and vocoder singing makes their music unique.

The duo had a monotechno band called AM but decided to change their musical style to more electro influenced direction and the futuristic band Blastromen was then formed. Soon, in year 2004 the first 12" EP vinyl 'Robot Aggression' was released on a Finnish record label, X0X Records. Since then Blastromen has released the second EP called 'Blasteroids' and two studio albums called 'Human Beyond' (2010) and 'Reality Opens' (2014) on Dominance Electricity record label.

From the first release, Blastromen has been a popular name in electro genre worldwide and has played live in several events in Finland, Germany, USA, Spain and Russia to name a few. Their live performance has developed over the years into a unique show that includes custom-built LED light poles and suits that have been programmed to interactively follow the music.

In March 2018 Blastromen is releasing their third album called 'Cyberia' and they are ready to tour the Europe once more.