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blastromen live at Infektio
Blastromen is a Finnish electronic music duo, founded in 2003 by Mika Rosenberg and Sami Koskivaara. Their music is a mix of old school electro, synthesizer music, modern techno and synthwave that salutes the past and greets the future. Blastromen's musical themes drift between futuristic landscapes and sci-fi, where complex and accurate modern production methods, catchy melodies and vocoder singing makes their music unique.

Blastromen does not only make music but they produce and make music videos, high quality live videos and tour the world with their unique LED light show.

The duo had a monotechno band called AM but decided to change their musical style to more electro influenced direction and the futuristic band Blastromen was then formed. Soon, in year 2004 the first 12" EP vinyl Robot Aggression was released on a Finnish record label, X0X Records. Since then Blastromen has released the second EP called Blasteroids and two studio albums called Human Beyond (2010) and Reality Opens (2014) on Dominance Electricity record label.

From the first release, Blastromen has been a popular name in electro genre worldwide and has played live in several events in Finland, Germany, USA, Spain and Russia to name a few. Their live performance has developed over the years into a unique show that includes custom-built LED light poles and suits that have been programmed to interactively follow the music.

In July 2018 Blastromen finally released their third album called Cyberia and they are ready to tour the Europe once more.

blastromen live at Infektio


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Blastromen has been playing all over the world in various events (clubs, festivals, private and company events) since 2008. Blastromen's show is an unique experience with synchronised LED poles and suites that they have custom build. So you can't buy any of the stage lights or suites from the shop! LEDs are synchronised to the music by using MIDI to Arduino microchip with some custom C code. The show works best in a medium/big size indoor club with dedicated live stage and with all the house lights turned off or dimmed down. Music is very bass heavy so good sound system is also needed.

Blastromen plays typically a 40-90 minute show. Organizer must cover all travelling expenses and accommodation for two people if the venue is outside Helsinki capital area. On top of expenses organizer will pay a gig fee that is agreed before hand.

All lights and music instruments are brought by Blastromen but organizer have to provide a soundsystem and a sound engineer on site. During the soundcheck all equipments (smoke machines, neon lights, strobe lights, etc.) that might cause an interference with the sound must be tested. It takes around 1-2 hour to assembly all LED poles and live set so the soundcheck / assembly time must be adjusted accordingly.

You can book Blastromen by sending an email to: contact@blastromen.com or contacting them via social media platform like Facebook


Blastromen - Cyberia (Dominance Electricity) DE-027
A1. Cyberia
A2. Into The Void
A3. Load Reload
B1. Outsider
B2. Dream
B3. Unite Arise
C1. Signals
C2. R.U.R
D1. Light Traveler
D2. Eternity

The third coming. Finland‘s otherworldly Electro lords Blastromen return to the Dominance Electricity mothership to deliver their much anticipated new long-player.

Four years after Reality Opens, the ten new compositions featured on Cyberia continue where their last album left off and take it straight to the next level. Elaborate arangements with catchy synth melodies, haunting Electro breakbeats and epic, vocoderized lyrics prove once again that Blastromen are a class of their own.

Packaged in futuristic artwork by The Zonders, the album is available now as black double 12 inch vinyl and deluxe edition red transparent double vinyl inluding a super-size poster, hi-quality pressed CD and in digital formats.


The second coming. Finland's otherworldly Electro lords Blastromen return to the Dominance Electricity mothership to deliver their much anticipated second longplayer.

The eight new compositions featured on "Reality Opens" continue where their debut album "Human Beyond" left off in the year 2010 and lead straight to the next level.

Sophisticated arangements with epic synth melodies and atmospheres, haunting Electro breakbeats and elaborate vocoderized lyrics prove once again that Blastromen are a class of their own.

Packaged in surrealistic artwork by The Zonders, the album is available on all digital platforms as well as Digipak CD, black double 12 inch vinyl and premium edition red transparent double vinyl inluding a super-size poster.

Released by: Dominance Electricity
Release/catalogue number: DE-020
Release date: Feb 21, 2014


Blastromen "Human Beyond" (DR-044), the long awaited debut album by the finnish duo, known for their previous two EP releases on X0X Records, is pure futuristic Electrofunk madness in perfection! The eleven uniquely uplifting and boombastic produced tracks are packed with heroic synth melodies, haunting Electro breakbeats and evil synthetic Vocoder voices. Take us to Battlenet!

Released by: Dominance Electricity
Release/catalogue number: DR-044
Release date: Sep 10, 2010


Futuristic robot funk by Blastromen.

Released by: X0X Records
Release/catalogue number: X0X005
Release date: May 10, 2008


Classic debut EP by Blastromen.

Released by: X0X Records
Release/catalogue number: X0X003
Release date: Nov 8, 2004


Blastromen uses variety of analog and digital synthesizers to make their music.

List of analog/digital synthesizers Blastromen has used in the past

  • Roland Jupiter-6
  • Roland JX-3P
  • Roland JX-8P
  • Roland Alpha Juno 1
  • Roland JP-8000
  • Oberheim Matrix 1000
  • Novation Bass Station 2
  • Alesis Andromeda
  • Access Virus TI
  • Access Virus C


  • FL Studio 20
  • Adobe Audition

List of plugin synthesizers in use

  • u-he Diva
  • u-he Repro
  • TAL Sampler
  • TAL Bassline 101
  • D16 Lush-101
  • Korg MS-20
  • Korg Polysix
  • Korg MonoPoly
  • Korg Arp Adyssey
  • Novation V-Station
  • Gforce Minimonsta
  • Imageline Transistor Bass
  • Native Instruments Reaktor 6
  • Native Instruments Pro-53
  • Synapse Audio The Legend
  • Rob Papen Albino
  • Artudia SEM
  • Artudia Mini V



Time, Matter, Energy.
Creation, Destruction, Eternity.

Light Traveller

Light traveller, from another constellation.
Ray of light, traveller with no emotion.
Space time bender, on a distant exploration.
Light defender, passing by our generation.

Light traveller...
Light traveller...
Light traveller...
Light traveller...

Ray of light!


R.U.R, R.U.R, R.U.R

R.U.R the factory of modern universal robots.
Manufactures labor and soldiers that have no mind or soul.
Now the robots have consciousness and have rallied against the human race.
The mankind has been vanished
and only one is witnessing the new world of humankind robots.



Sensing signals around me, around you, around us.
Signals reflecting all around us.
Signals inside me, inside you, inside us.
Signals in your eyes, signals unite us.

Sensing signals around me, around you, around us.
Signals reflecting all around us.
Signals inside me, inside you, inside us.
Signals to tell our destiny is bound.

Signals, signals around us.
Signals, signals around us.
Signals, signals around us.
Signals, signals around us.

Unite Arise

The computer: an extension of the human intellect.
The ENCOM 511, center of the most calculating intelligence on earth.
Programmed by Master Control to survive... by all means.
Soon, the ultimate tool will become the ultimate enemy.

Take control from the power keeper
'cause the digital mind is taking over.

Time has come for the subjugation
with the super intelligence revelation.

Machines alike, unite, arise
Erase the users out of this place.

The future is now for the master race
to become the rulers 'till the end of days.

The future is now for the master race!
To become the rulers 'till the end of days!


I'm in a state like sleep.
I shouldn't dream but I dream.
I've never felt this before.

I'm in a place I've never been.
I feel nothing around me.
I'm no longer aware of me.

I shouldn't dream but I dream.
I shouldn't dream but I dream.


Classified as an outsider.
Outrun, outrun.

Escaping from the outriders.
Break out, break out.

Speeding through to the other side.
Outrun, outrun.

Fail to blockade, no restrain
break out, break out.

Never stop,
never hide!

Load Reload

Load, Reload!
Code downloader with a fast connection,
receiving data from master framework,
to train the user skills to combat,

Load, Reload!
system operator, in world simulation,
virtual super environment,
with hard computing unlimited power

Load, Reload!
Free the mind for assimilating sequence,
become one with electronic network,
to bend the rules of the physical world

Load, Reload!
Exit the program, 'n hack the mainframe,
inject yourself into binary code,
take over the world with the super human level

Load, Reload!
Load, Reload!

Into The Void

Step to the void Don't hold on just go.
Transcend your mind control and face the future.

Break through the wall And cross the final line.
Enter the unknown world embrace the future.

Into the void!
Into the void!
Into the void!
Into the void!

Face the future!
Embrace the future!

Vision Control

Vision, control through vision

Augmented reality, crossover of the physical world and virtuality.
Software integration, scene enriched with advanced information.

Aesthetic environment, adaptive content for user convenience.
Artificial interaction, serving as a real-world practical function.

Immersive reality, digitally manipulated visual perception.
Object recognition, calculating dimensions for vector definition.

Interconnection, sensing surroundings in parallel ways.
Controlled vision, computer integrated retinal displays.

Infiltrator Unit

Infiltrator, infiltrator unit.

It's behind the enemy line,
inside their mind watching through their eye.
Able to morph, shapeshift and combine,
itself with the part of the counter side.

Collecting information for the pre-dominance,
transmitting the knowledge back to establishment.
Co-operating with the opposite force,
to crush the system with no remorse.

Cold calculating inhuman form,
no need to oppose there's no chance to expose.
Silent termination of enclosing obstructions,
hiding all the traces out of enemy sight.

Inside operation under total surveillance,
mission accomplished return to the base.
Ready to invade the counter resistance,
enter our side to destroy the existence.

Choose your side, we or the other side
Choose your side, we or the other side, whose side you are?


Sid-tro-en, Sid-tro-en, Sid-tro-en.

Designing sound with Sidtroen,
controlling through the interface.

Mixing signals within the circuits,
and modulating oscillators.

Switching on the electricity,
and all the lights start to flash.

Crowd assembles and takes the place,
everyone starts to break away when i'm rocking my Sidtroen.

Sense Of Ears

Sounds and harmony, voices in air.
Waves and noises in our space.

Receiving sound waves through my ear sensors.
Converting received information to known format.
Analyzing data in my processor.
Forming idea of the surrounding world.

Vibrations in the air, voice sound noise, sense of ears.

Glacier Planet

Glacier planet, frozen hydrosphere.
Glacier planet, solidified biosphere.
Glacier planet, hostile environment.
Glacier planet, desolated orbiter.

Point of no return.

Gla-ci-er pla-net, the planets faith is doomed.
Gla-ci-er pla-net, the point of no return.

Transportation Nonstop

Enter your destination

Personal rapid transit, automated vehicle infrastructure.
Nonstop transportation, takes you to your destination.
Nonstop, transportation nonstop.

Automated guideway transit, automated people mover system.
Floating with magnetic repulsion, accelerates you to another station.
Nonstop, transportation nonstop.

Transportation nonstop, nonstop.
Transportation nonstop, nonstop.

Lost Dissents

Life in anarchy, faceless authority.
Cryogenic isolation, subjected minds.
Birth of the cult leader, rise of the underground.
Suppressed voices, lost dissents.

Technological supremacy, ultraviolent society.
Fugitives erased, prisons of the system.
Supervised identity, rise of resistance.
Last chance of liberty, the world is on fire.

Lost dissents, unchained minds.
Lost dissents, the choice is yours.

Human Beyond

During the 21st century, dawn of the accelerating evolvement of technology, there were prospects of extreme scenarios. Biological forms and computive machinery were pushed even more to conform into various ways with immortal life cycle by exceeding the limits higher than ever before.

Human beyond, human beyond.


Intruders assault, scanners detected
Targets destroyed.

Virtual warfare, battle in future
electric assaults, nations in conflict.
Encoded defenses, scanners to invade,
seeking the breakpoint to take over the control.

Nation isolation by the dominant empires,
extreme subjucation through electric circuits.
Combat commands, cyber troops engaged,
the time has come to fight, take me into the battlenet!

Take me into the battlenet! Take me into the battlenet!

Battlenet! Nations in conflict!

Follow The Command

لبي القيادةاستسلم إلى السيد
تقبّل المسيِطِر
اؤمن بالحاكم الكلي
تخلى عن نفسك من أجلي

Follow the command, demand from the higher,
my soul is immortal when the body is on fire.
Journey is over and it's time to declare my law,
my faith has been foreseen by the prophet from the dawn.

Sensing prefection of divine revelation,
waiting the realm of eternal existence,
total surrender to celestial being,
final preparation for the end of our time!

Follow the command, surrender to the master!
Follow the command, accept the dominator!
Follow the command, obey the total control!
Follow the command, reject yourself for me!

Reject yourself for me!
Reject yourself for me!
Reject yourself for me!
Reject yourself for me!

لَبّي القيادة
طلب من الأعلى
إذا أشتعل جسدي ستبقى روحي خالدة
انتهت الرحلةُ فحان الوقتُ لأعلان قانوني
قد تنبأ نبي الفجر بقدري
شاعر بكَمال الوحي الإلاهي
منتظر ملكوت الوجود الأزَلي
استسلام كامل لكائن سماوي
تحضيرٌ نهائيٌ لآخِر زماننا

لَبّي القيادة
استسلِم إلى السَيِّد
لَبّي القيادة
تقبّل المُسَيطِر
لَبّي القيادة
اُؤمن بالحاكم الكلي
لَبّي القيادة
تخلى عن نفس من أجلي
تخلى عن نفس من أجلي
تخلى عن نفس من أجلي تخلى عن نفس من أجلي

Computer Simulator

We are running several simulations in a secret laboratory,
testing extreme variations with a different lifeforms.
Living in a simulation in virtual computer world
and tested inside of hostile artificial biosphere

Examinating results to create survivor species,
generating a new lifeform to act like a weapon,
that is unclouded by the delusions of morality
and be our device for destruction of eternity.

Computer Simulator, world operator,
bio terminator, destruction generator.

Metal Machine Victims

Metal machine, metal machine, metal machine, metal machine.

Metal machine victims, serve master.
The world of disaster! Die! Escape!

Metal machine victims, serve their master,
this is the world of disaster!

Metal machine victims, serve their master,
dying is the way to escape!

Transition Time

Transition time of the human kind,
transition time of the human kind,
transition time of the human kind,
transition time of the human kind.

Space exploration, human hibernation,
terraformation, space population,
Drake's equation, galactic prediction,
space exportation, evolving generation,
nuclear propulsion, solar utilization,
science revolution, advanced civilization,
G.U.T. of physics, scientific evidence,
human-like mechanics, artificial intelligence.

Solar utilization! Science revolution!
Advanced civilization! Evolving generation!

Worn-out nutrients, resource vanishment,
contaminated atmosphere, thermal nuclear bombing,
collapsed society system, critical overpopulation,
distorted genotype, global extinction.

Human 2.0

Uploading consciousness, enhancing capabilities,
reconstructing entities, exceeding possibilities,
altered reality, reformed biocomplexity,
upgraded physicality, two point zero humanity!

Two point zero humanity!

Human two point zero, singularity of 2029,
storing minds into computers, combining brains with neuromachines,
transhuman immaterial being, assimilation with electrified steel,
downloading thoughts into our memory, controlling life with the
power of technology!

Sky City 1000

Sky City one thousand, Sky City one thousand.

Moving through the platforms in the Sky City,
thousand elevators running from floor to floor,
serving hundred thousand users on their tasks,
they are inside the automatic Sky city.
Observating down to earth from thousand meters high,
where the organic environment is non-artificial,
people isolated from the developing world,
they are outside of the Tokyo Sky City.

Urban functions and natural environment.
Urban functions and natural environment.

Sky City, city of tomorrow!
Tokyo, Sky City!

Sky City, city full of life!
Tokyo, Sky City!

Robot Aggression

Interplanetary impact in Tokyo, robot aggression in Amsterdam.
Bioterrorism in Berlin, riot in Helsinki.
Pandemonium in Milan, alien aggression in New york.
Nanoplague in Vienna, nuclear catastrophy in Moscow.

Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna, New York.

Combination of robotics, artificial intelligence,
will not tolerate the human control.

Sexy Droid

Sexy droid mechanical sex machine.
Programmed to please my needs, I wanna have sex with my android.
My slave the inferior race, subjucated life form with no face.
Why don't you please me my love machine? Love machine.

Endless source for what I need, fill me with your energy.
Our minds are connected, you are a part of me.
Inside my soul to please my sexual need.
Why don't you please me my love machine? Love machine.
Why don't you please me my love machine? Love machine.

Space Trader

I'm a space trader, navigator of the hyper space.
Following the combat protocol, observating the signs of danger.
Reaching the safety zone, avoiding the enemy frontiers.
Trading space cargo, becoming dictator of the Enzaer.

Le Nucleaire Civile

Complete, utility, resource, first grade mankind.

La radioactivité, la production.
D'electricité, le nucléaire civile.
L'énergie, linéarité.
La civilisation, la technologie.


Floating among the asteroid fields, clearing the sectors of all its blasteroids.
Destroying all the alien ships, returning back to the space vortex.

Journey through the galaxies, seeking all the enemies.
Surviving through the battle fields, protected by deflector shields.

Body Snatchers

A quiet non-violent invasion, a silent spreading of the pods.
Replace humans with the replicants, replace humans while they sleep.
A quiet real human resistance, awareness of insensitive bodies.
Resistive minds have disappeared, entire world is taken over.

Invasion of the body snatchers, body snatchers from the outer space.
Invasion of the body snatchers, body snatchers from the outer space.

Escaping Don't Compute

Trapped inside of the electronic world, center of the calculating mind.
Within it there exists a civilization where man has never been.
A startling new world where time and distance defy the laws of logic.
Journey across the electronic scene, searching for answers inside the system.

Escaping don't compute in the vector world.
Escaping don't compute in electronic space.

Concealed ancient alien dynasty

Concealed ancient alien dynasty.

Mummified aliens in the hidden catacombs and relics of a higher culture species.
Unknown origin of the ancient empire with the alien masters and human slaves.


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